Warriors in the World: Sam Himelstein

Sam Himelstein, PhDSam Himelstein, PhD exudes authenticity and genuine presence. Sam, a formerly incarcerated youth himself, is dedicated to and passionate about serving high-risk and incarcerated youth, populations suffering from addiction, and those suffering from trauma through the practice of mindfulness and other emotional intelligence skills. He brings a great deal of both personal and professional experience to his role as Program Director of The Mind Body Awareness Project and to is private psychotherapy practice.

The MBA Project’s mission is to help youth transform harmful behavior and live meaningful lives through mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness. The program uses skills and tools gleaned through meditation practices, group modalities, and social and emotional learning techniques to invite incarcerated youth to be inspired by and awaken to their own intrinsic value.

In his counseling practice in Oakland, CA, Sam works with those suffering from addiction, trauma, issues of incarceration, and individuals looking to deepen their spiritual growth. His vision, experience, and dedication to youth and other underserved populations in our community are an inspiration. He is truly offering his own genuine experience to the benefit of all beings.

Sam is also father to (soon-to-be) two children. His book, A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Working with High-Risk Adolescents is available online. You can learn more about Sam or contact him through his personal website at www.samhimelstein.com.