About Northern California Shambhala Inc

Northern California Shambhala Inc


With a few ink strokes, Northern California Shambhala Inc was born on April 1st, 2017.  NCSI gathers the seven principle Shambhala centers of Northern California into one legal entity – San Francisco, Berkeley, Davis, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Tamalpais and Silicon Valley. (Smaller groups in the region will be aligned over time.)

One reason for the move is to develop organizational efficiencies, building upon each other’s efforts rather than duplicating them. Another key factor is the strength gained by having a unified financial entity that will hold greater buying power in positioning itself for eventual property purchases.
But the overriding motivation behind the change is the recognition that, as Regional Director Cody McGough describes it, “We’re ready to take the next natural step and unify as a body in order to be Shambhala, to embody Shambhala.”
Minister of the Government Pillar for Shambhala Jane Arthur, representing the Sakyong and the center of the Shambhala mandala, offered the warmth and blessings of the lineage. “It’s real here,” she said. “I can feel it.” She reminded those gathered that our aspirations, responsibility and stewardship aren’t only for Northern California Shambhala, but “for all the beings” in geographical Northern California. “The whole thing is part of our world.”
Director McGough cited the momentum that has grown over past couple years, shaped by much hard work from current leaders in the Northern California mandala, whom he acknowledged. But he also emphasized “I never want to forget the people whose shoulders we stand on, and whom we wouldn’t have reached this moment without.” He particularly cited the respective terms of his predecessors as regional director, Kusung Corps Commander Amy Conway and Shastri Joanne Martin Braun.

Aware of the auspiciousness of the occasion, the region celebrated with Not Afraid To Be a Fool, a festival in which the community gathered to witness each center director sign formal incorporation documents. There were presentations from the leadership, as well as offerings from each center, furthering the aspiration to continue to maintain and celebrate differences.

An excerpt from the Statement of Collective Intent:
As part of the international Shambhala mandala, the Northern California Shambhala community seeks to enhance the lives of all beings and to decrease suffering in the world. Northern California Shambhala is an interdependent regional community made up of members and friends of Shambhala meditation centers and their surrounding communities.

Northern California Shambhala Inc is a regional organization of Shambhala International, a community of meditation centers founded in 1973 by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

We have several main activities. First, we provide support to our meditation centers and groups.  Second, we organize regional events. Finally, we act as hub of Shambhala activity in the region through our main center Sharchen Dzong.

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