Follow Your Inspiration Series

Follow Your Inspiration Series 2014-2015

The Follow Your Inspiration Series is a continuing exploration of how our connection with the basic goodness of all human beings can inspire our work and help promote good human society. We invite leaders and luminaries from different disciplines to offer their wisdom and experience. In these workshops we will work together to discover the skills and resources we need to enter or expand our work in the area that inspires us. The series is currently on Haitus but if you’d like to
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PAST PROGRAM  –  September 19 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Meditation, Awakened Heart, and Social Justice
Berkeley Shambhala Center 
How can meditation help us promote social justice, while keeping our hearts open and our inspiration strong, without creating more divisions? Join community leaders in this exploration of every person’s ability to realize their potential in the society in which they live.

PAST PROGRAM  – May 16th from 9:30 to 6:00
Meditation, Resiliency, and the Heart of Practicing Healthcare
Berkeley Shambhala Center
Caring for oneself is a crucial part of caring for others. Mindfulness teachers from the Health Care community will lead us in meditation and compassion practices that can help us do both.
PAST PROGRAM – March – April 2015
Joining Heart, Mind, and Work for Business Leaders
San Francisco Shambhala Center • FREE!
Mindfulness, insight, and connection for business leaders. As leaders, we want our human values to align with the demands of our workplace. We want our inspiration to come alive in our work. We want to balance authenticity with financial pressures and expectations from others. We want to feel good about our choices at the end of the day.
PAST PROGRAM – 10/18/2014
Teaching Mindfulness to Youth: A Diverse Exploration
San Francisco Shambhala Center
Join Bay Area luminaries in this pertinent and timely exploration of what it means to create an inclusive culture when teaching mindfulness to youth. This program was a tremendous success. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Read Risk the Mess – an article in the Shambhala Times!

PAST PROGRAM – 3/7/2015
Shambhala Family Day of Arts and Culture
SF Shambhala Center

Join us for a special time just for families and children. We will come together to explore what it means to create a Shambhala culture at home, including different ways of bringing ceremony into daily family life, practicing meditation together, exploring art and movement, and, of course, building epic gomden forts! We are so excited to spend this time with you.


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