Earth Dog Fundraiser 2018

This year of the Earth Dog, let us touch the ground of our goodness and sanity.

The story is told that when the Buddha became enlightened, he reached out his hand to touch the earth, and the earth itself bore witness to his enlightenment. The earth witness mudra of touching the earth represents unshakability and steadfastness.

This has been a challenging year as we come to terms with allegations of misconduct by our lineage holder and other leaders in Shambhala. Many also see this as an opportunity to address deep-seated obstacles and harmful patterns that are increasingly coming to light in our sangha and in society—and which must be acknowledged and skillfully worked with if we wish to create a community in which everyone feels welcomed and respected.

In the midst of these challenges, many students have shared aspirations that our local centers and region remain supportive places for community, dharma teachings, and meditation practice. It is clear to many that our greatest wealth lies in our relationships, our teachings, and our collective practice.

The Earth Dog represents discipline and loyalty, bravery and delight. It is a protector and a friend. Earth is a binding factor that expresses unity and balance. The male element of earth is symbolized by a yellow hill. This is a year for applying purpose, practicality, and commitment, grounded by relaxation and appreciation.

Now is a time to truly touch the earth and to remain steadfast as we aspire to welcome the full spectrum of what is arising in Shambhala and in our larger society with fearlessness and gentleness, kindness, and open heartedness. Together, we can weather the storm and use these challenges as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of what it means to manifest enlightened society.

This includes laying the ground for the ongoing financial stability of Northern California Shambhala and its centers. We are facing significant financial challenges, including a loss of membership dues, program revenue, and annual Bay Area rent increases. In response, we have temporarily canceled our regional giving to Shambhala International, are reducing staff expenses, and are carefully scrutinizing our income and expenses.

Our Goal
For 2018, we have set a goal to raise $25,000 to create financial stability for Northern California Shambhala. Now more than ever we need the financial support of the community in order to support the continuity of our centers.

How You Can Help
Make a donation to our Fall Fundraiser using one of the buttons. They will connect you to PayPal.

If you wish to pay using a check, please make it out to Northern California Shambhala and write Earth Dog Fundraiser on the memo line. Please mail it to:

Earth Dog Fundraiser
c/o Karen Walls, Regional Finance Assistant
Tamalpais Shambhala Center
734 A Street, Suite 1
San Rafael, CA 94901

Thank You for Celebrating Harvest of Peace with us!
Harvest of Peace was the kick-off for our fundraiser, and we celebrated in centers throughout the Northern California Region on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd. Our community joined together for food, conversation, and meditation. And launched us well on our way towards our goal.


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