Firebird Fundraiser 2017

Help Northern California Shambhala Raise $50,000 this year. We are well on our way to our goal!

Invest in the future of Northern California Shambhala—so we can offer teachings of human goodness and bravery in tumultuous times to an ever-growing number of people.

To create a sustainable financial base and to strengthen the foundation for growth, Northern California Shambhala is hosting our Firebird Fundraiser. We request your support in helping us to reach our goal. The good news is that through the generosity of our patrons, we have already raised a substantial amount.

Year-end Fundraising Goal: $50,000 by December 31st

The garuda is a symbol of dawn, awakening, vast space and intelligence. It has total perspective, a fresh mind that cuts through concept with a “self existing sword.” Enhanced by the element of fire, it expresses inner warmth and insight. It is an especially good year for projects requiring hard work, insight, focus, and love.

So far, this Year of the Firebird we made two major initiatives. We are now incorporated as Northern California Shambhala, Inc. creating a strong, unified financial base. This will allow us to collectively purchase property in the future. Also, we hosted the first urban Enlightened Society Assembly in North America. 

This fundraiser will assist with general operating costs including helping our centers meet high Northern California rental fees. Going forward, we are also investing in two staff positions to create the largest growth potential for the region. Kate Raddock has taken her seat as Director of Programming for the region and the new Regional Director of Communications position will be filled this fall. Through producing exceptional programming and spreading the word about these programs far and wide, we can increase revenue through increased attendance while continuing to keep operational expenses low.

Northern California Shambhala already has experienced the effectiveness of this approach with a successful Enlightened Society Assembly in Berkeley this summer, and we look forward to further growth in 2018, once this strategy is fully implemented.

How You Can Help
Make a donation to our Fall Fundraiser using one of the buttons in the sidebar. They will connect you to PayPal.

If you wish to pay using a check, please make it out to Northern California Shambhala and mail it to:

Firebird Fundraiser
c/o Rees Sweeny-Taylor, Director
Berkeley Shambhala Center
2288 Fulton Street, Suite 202
Berkeley, CA 94704