Sharchen Dzong


1. Where is Sharchen Dzong located?

Sharchen Dzong is located at 1231 Stevenson Street in the heart of San Francisco. Click here for directions and a map.

2. What is the vision for Sharchen Dzong in San Francisco?

The Northern California Shambhala community established Sharchen Dzong in San Francisco to help fulfill the worldwide Shambhala vision of creating enlightened society. The term dzong means fortress in Tibetan, and is used to denote a Shambhala headquarters which also serves as a seat for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Traditionally in Tibetan Buddhism, dzongs have been akin to state capitals or cathedrals in a diocese. They are located in key spots where power and energy gather.

Inside a dzong, one experiences a sacred and uplifted environment that allows the mind to open and relax. Dzongs contain a “Tenno Room” which serves as the formal seat for the Sakyong. There is also a regional governance office with staff who offer administrative services to the sangha and do outreach to the surrounding community.

In Northern California, the Dzong also houses the San Francisco Shambhala Center.

3. Why is a Dzong in Northern California important?

The dzongs of the mandala are places that introduce the world to Shambhala. Through their activity, presence, and community of meditation practitioners, dzongs emanate the compassion, wisdom, and generosity of the Shambhala lineage out into the broader community. One key mission of Sharchen Dzong is to create ways for our sangha to engage in the world in generous and compassionate activites. Enlightened society is the vision of Shambhala. A dzong is a place where that society can be experienced.

Also, a region like Northern California that has ten Shambhala Centers needs a hub or center of the mandala that serves as a central gathering place for our widely dispersed community. The dzong staff will also assist centers with consolidated and streamlined services and best practices so we aren’t reinventing the wheel at each Center.

Last but not least, Sharchen Dzong will create an office for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, which means the presence of our lineage holder is here both tangibly and on an energetic level.

4. Why is it important that Sharchen Dzong manifest now?

The world needs the teachings and vision of Shambhala more than ever. Shambhala is a tradition with the skillful means to help individuals contact more peace and goodness in their lives. As individuals joining together, we can bring these unbelievably beneficial practices and teachings into the world to help dispel the suffering that we see every day.

5. How can I help with Sharchen Dzong?

Offer Your Time

We appreciate all the help we can get! Please offer your time, energy, expertise, ideas, contacts, in-kind donations, or money. Click here to learn about ways you can help.

Offer Financial Support

As a member of a Shambhala Meditation Center in Northern California, you become a part of Sharchen Dzong. Recurring donations help us create a stable ground for our operations and long term growth. Click here to find out the different ways to give.