Goodness is the Ground of All

Dear Victorious Warriors,

We are delighted to report that by the stroke of midnight last night your Northern California Shambhala year-end fundraising contributions totaled $23,535 (including the matching grant).

We are victorious because of your extraordinary generosity.

Deepest Gratitudes and Congratulations to All,
The Northern California Shambhala Board

The Northern California Mandala (click to enlarge)

The Shambhala wisdom teachings are precious and helpful, but in order to land them in our region we need a strong financial foundation to help us rise to the occasion in the midst of great change and real estate challenges.

This year the Northern California Shambhala Board has been working intensively on foundational issues related to legal incorporation and our regional financial structure so that we can strategically develop financial strength as a region in a way that will make us less vulnerable to the real estate market.

At the same time they have been exploring ways to further manifest the Shambhala lineage in our region such as through this Fall’s Educators’ Gathering and next Summer’s Enlightened Society Assembly.

In order to carry on this work we are asking for end of year giving totaling $20,000 in order to meet the following goals:

  1. A part time regional program’s director to assist with large programs such as the Enlightened Society Assembly and the Sakyong’s next visit.
  2. A part time regional finance assistant to manage a unified chart of accounts and develop grater financial transparency, clarity and income management.
  3. A $5,000 contribution towards the San Francisco Dzong transition and uplifting the Berkeley Shambhala Center as our main regional event venues.

All three of these goals are foundational investments to strengthen our region financially, operationally, and environmentally in a way that will allow for strength and growth in the coming years as we move towards more ambitious projects such as the Sakyong’s visit, regional investment in property and further social engagement.

In order to support this effort the Regional Board has obtained a $10,000 challenge grant from major patrons, that will only be activated if we raise an additional $10,000.

Please consider giving a major or minor gift this year to Northern California Shambhala so that our region can move forward with strength and unity in the coming years.

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How can I help?

Please consider making a donation of whatever amount you can. Our fundraiser ends at midnight on December 31st, 2016!

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Yours in service,
The Northern California Shambhala Regional Board

Cody McGough, Executive Director Northern California Shambhala
Gale Young, Board Vice Chair and Regional Diversity Representative
Laura Livingston, Regimental Kasung Commander
Lory Poulson, Secretary to the Board
Marcia Clayburg, Regional Head of Education
Rebekka Martorano, Regional Head of Practice
Patricia Medeiros, Regional Representative of the Office of Decorum
Alex Van Gils, Director San Francisco Shambhala Center
Manuel Medeiros, Shastri Representative to the Board
Leslie Gossett, Regional Head of Families and Children
Dave Rapson, Regional Chagdzo
Yasmin Spiegel, Member at Large