Become a Steward of Northern California Shambhala   

By becoming a Steward of Northern California Shambhala, you are proclaiming your support for the teachings and dissemination of the dharma in this region. The Stewardship program allows individuals throughout Northern California to directly support our regional mandala by helping sustain activities in the various centers. You will also support the Northern California Shambhala administration and services including regional governance, programming, publicity. and teacher visits.

How do I become a Steward?

There are two ways: You can become a Steward for any amount from $10 to $150 or more monthly—or give a one-time donation. Please see the options below to make a tax-deductible donation in either of these ways. Donors will receive a tax deduction letter at the end of the year.

Northern California Shambhala is a 501c3.  For your tax purposes, our ID number is 82-0990734.

To sign up for recurring monthly donations visit one of these links:

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Join at $150 per month

We can set up a one time or reoccurring donation in any amount you choose. Automatic debit from your bank account is also available if you prefer that to using a credit card.

One-Time Donation

You can make a one-time donation by visiting this link and writing-in the amount you would like to donate. Or click on this button:

Or, if you would prefer, you can send a check made out to Northern California Shambhala and mail it to:

        Northern California Shambhala
        PO Box 754
        Novato, CA 94947
If you wish to receive an end-of-year email tax receipt for your mail-in donation, please include a note with a request that includes your email address.

About Us

Northern California Shambhala, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. For your tax purposes, our ID number is 82-0990734.

We are dedicated to creating enlightened society using the tools of mindfulness, awareness, and unconditioned confidence. These inherent qualities are cultivated through meditation practice, by studying the Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and by taking part in the Shambhala community. We then apply what we have learned to our everyday lives at work, at home, with our families, and in society as a whole.

We are supported by the generosity of volunteers, donations and membership contributions. We are sincerely grateful for every offering we receive. Thank you so much for your generosity!

We can afford to open ourselves and join the rest of the world with a sense of tremendous generosity, tremendous goodness, and tremendous richness. The more we give, the more we gain – although what we gain should not particularly be our reason for giving. Rather, the more we give, the more we are inspired to give constantly. And the gaining process happens naturally, automatically.

— Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche