Job Description: Interim Director of Northern California Shambhala


Reports to: NCS Board

Key Relationships: Regional Board Members, NorCal Centers Leadership, Shambhala USA Board

Location: Northern California

Date Updated: July 8, 2022

FLSA Classification: n/a  (Unpaid volunteer position)

General Summary 
The view of Northern California Shambhala is an inclusive organization for anyone who is inspired by the practices and teachings held within Shambhala.  The organization aspires to create an inclusive, caring, and protected community for practitioners of all levels and diverse backgrounds.  In other words, an “Enlightened Society.”

The Director, in compliance with the organization’s bylaw and corporate and legal requirements, assists in holding and evolving this view for the organization, leads and helps to staff the Regional Board and Advisory Committee, oversees (or delegates the oversight of) the work of the corporate secretary and financial officer, and serves as liaison to Shambhala USA.

Essential and Critical Duty

  • Chairs (currently monthly) meetings of the Board of Directors and Regional Advisors
    • Gathers discussion items from the board, prepares the agenda and skillfully facilitates the board meetings.
    • Serves as corporate officer of Northern California Shambhala, Inc., holding the position of director/chair of the board.

Optional Duties & Responsibilities (Subject to Director’s interest, experience, and time availability)

As Corporate Officer of Northern California Shambhala Inc.

  • Represents the regional leadership team to our affiliated Centers and the broader Shambhala organization, generally responding to inquiries and concerns that arise in the course of regional activities and communicating important changes that impact our membership in a timely and effective manner
  • Ensures that corporate requirements are met, e.g., reviews minutes, pays attention to filing of statement of information. (Depending on comfort level with corporate documents, may seek assistance from an advisor with these critical tasks.)
  • Maintains a full slate of voting board members, helping to ensure that positions are filled
  • Supports and coordinates the work of the other corporate officers: Secretary and Financial Officer

Financial Support

  • Provides support to the activities of the Regional Finance Officer
  • Reviews monthly financial statements and maintains an overview of the organization’s finances
  • Supports fund-raising efforts, as a spokesperson

Practice and Education

  • Assists with invitations to teachers and planning for larger regional programs


  • Keeps current with developments and communications in the broader Shambhala organization and helps to share this information with regional leaders; hosts special meetings when helpful to discuss important developments
  • Supports staff with regional communications and program promotion
  • Consults with and supports regional leaders, as needed

Minimum Qualifications

  • Possesses a demonstrable record of successful leadership experience(s) in Shambhala leadership roles or other non-profit organizations; or significant management experience in a for-profit organization and willingness to adapt to the special needs of a non-profit
  • A current Shambhala practitioner familiar with the organization’s mission, vision, purpose and structure
  • Ability to plan, organize and facilitate effective meetings required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills required

Desired Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSA’s)

  • Knowledge of the legal and regulatory concerns of corporate governance not required but desired
  • A general understanding of organizational financial management (budgeting, accounting procedures, etc.) not required but desired

 Northern California Shambhala is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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